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About Patti

I am best friends with Gifchy and Mabel. They have had a lot of fun and success at this site so I decided to give it a try. I hope you will select me. I have a fun personality and we are sure to have a great time.

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Escort: Patti

Date: 17th of Apr 2019


I have seen Kea many times in the past and planned to see her again last night but was told she wasn't available. Very disappointing as I arranged my time just so I could see her again. Very very disappointing. At first. Ming recommended I try Patti. What an amazing girl she is. Easily one of the best experiences I've ever had. She arrived on time which was a nice change from my usual experiences. Her personality was spectacular so we immediately made a connection. Everything was more than perfect. Her personality, body, and performance I'll give all a 10 out of 10. I couldn't be more happy and I've already put in another request to see her again before I leave.


Length of booking: Medium-Time

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Escort: Patti

Date: 4th of Apr 2019


Patty is true sweetheart. I had a great time with her. Although she was initially shy, she was exceptionally skilled and a wonderful partner. Very smart - I enjoyed talking to her as much as everything else. True GFE experience. Tall and willowy, nice figure and an attractive face, very responsive - I was beyond satisfied with my time with her. Highly recommended. She is a treasure.


Response from Patti: Thank you for nice review Hope to meet you again

Length of booking: Medium-Time

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Would you hire Patti again? yes

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