Thai University Girls

Thai University Girls

Friendly Thai college & university students available for escorting.

The search criteria is Extra Ball,

Extra-Ball: An escort which allows the client to engage in sexual activities with her several times during their session together. Most escorts limit the amount of time to just once or maybe twice and charge extra for each additional time. I don’t believe in this. You are paying me for my time, what we do during that time is mostly up to you.

We will try not limit the amount of times we can have sex but do be understanding that we are human not a sex robot so be considerate if we get tired or sore and need a rest. But you’ll usually find 'you' will be the one asking for a rest not us!

The search criteria is: Extra Ball,

About Us

We specialize in helping make your dreams come true by introducing you to real and beautiful Thai college and university girls. All the girls listed are real and verified real. No heavily PhotoShopped pictures allowed! No agencies! All the girls are fully independent but take part in our cooperative to help manage their bookings, but they don't work for us--they are independent student escorts.

For your safety, minimum age of the girls is 21 and we have received, checked, and copied IDs for each girl listed so you will have no problems getting them safely into your hotel room.


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